Hope For Today

Hope For Today

Forgiving the Past

“If only I hadn’t done that!”

“If only I could turn back the clock and undo it!”

We regret some words or actions, and wish it could be just wiped out. BUT the past CAN’T be wiped out. What’s done can’t just be forgotten. BUT it CAN be FORGIVEN.

The person we wrong most is God. And yet He takes it all, and He offers us forgiveness for it all. He offers us forgiveness because his son, Jesus, gave up his life for all our wrongs.

Knowing that, we can accept ourselves again, the way He accepts us. And it leads us to accept others who wrong us. It’s a new way to live.



Hope For Today

Hope For Today

Sometimes the pressure of life seems more than you can bear. The pressure never seems to let up. That’s when it helps to know that everything is still in the hands of a good and wise God. A God who shows his love for us in Jesus Christ.

God’s Son, Jesus gave up his life to set us free from the hassles and failings that constantly put us under pressure.

We still have worries. But we can trust God’s loving care.