The Still Small Voice

Today, noise is part of daily life. In order to think we must tune out the unnecessary noises that are part of each day …a clanging fire engine roars down the street … an impatient motorist honks his horn … dogs bark, birds chip, grill doors bang, children play. We learn to tune out many of these sounds.

But sometimes we tune out God. We need to listen to God as He speaks to our hearts through His Word. That can be done best when we are quiet … at rest. We worship Him in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

Be still and know that He is your God.

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Everlasting Arms

How do you feel about the phrase in Bob Marley’s song, “Every little thing is gonna be alright?” If you are a Christian, you Do know that everything is going to be all right Underneath you are the “everlasting arms.”

But Christians are tempted as much as anyone to despair over the way things is going in their lives and in the world. They too, wonder about the way out of debt or illness or some other tragedy.That’s when we need to remember that the love of Christ is higher, and wider, and deeper than any trouble or tragedy. If we can put these into His loving hands, everything WILL be all right.