Firmly In Hand

By the way, who’s holding your hand?

The little girl refuses to let her hand be held. Still, her mother holds her hand firmly until they arrive safely at the store.

How often we resist and struggle to be free, to be on our own! In the most difficult times, we seem to fight the hardest to be independent.

It’s then that God often reaches out and holds even tighter. He knows when we need His hand the most and He refuses to let go. “For I, the Lord God, hold your right hand.” That’s what He says in the Bible, and our response? Thanks, Lord, we appreciate it!



Good News

Some words in the English Language are well – worn. They’re overused. For example: VERY. How about: REALLY or NICE, and one more: GOOD.

When used to describe a good man or good food or good music, the word just doesn’t covey much. It’s week, EXCEPT when applied to God!

The Psalmist says the Lord is good! And He gives two pretty powerful reasons why God is good : * His love is eternal.                                                                                                                              * His faithfulness lasts forever.

Think of that! God never stops loving you. Nothing can ever wipe out His love! What Christ did, He did for all time. You can always trust what God tells you.

Now That’s good!

Unexpected Mercy

The story is told. A young man stole bread to feed his hungry children. He was caught and imprisoned. At last he escaped. He went to the home of a priest who sheltered him..

That night the man gathered the priest’s valuable silver and stole away. Caught again, he appears before the priest, bracing himself for the verdict he deserved. But the priest replied: “No, I gave it to him.”

The freed and forgiven sinner looked into the face of the gracious priest with bewildered joy and thanks. Have you experienced the grace, the undeserved love, of the heavenly Father? Why not express YOUR thanks to him today.

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What’s Your Worth

How much are you worth?

Many people believe their WORTH is measured in MONEY. But Jesus had something else in mind. It’s a parable. A servant was forgiven much, but refused to write off a trifling debt owed him.

The King who had cancelled his debt said, “You WORTHLESS servant. You should have had mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had mercy on you.”

The worth was measured in MERCY. Using this scale, how much are you worth?

The mercy of God is so great that He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, for us. Our worth is in serving our heavenly King by showing His mercy to others.

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Alcohol Abuse

“I need a drink” With those words the cycle of alcohol abuse can start all over again. For some people the abuse of alcohol is a disease over which they have no control. Once they start drinking they cannot stop.

And they are not the only victim. Spouses, girlfriends, children, and uncontrolled behavior. But there is hope. God can help the alcoholic to keep from taking that first drink which sets the whole cycle in motion. God can offer forgiveness from the guilt of wrongs done.

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Is there anything good in being angry?  Yes! But, bad too.   Anger is right and wrong, productive and destructive. The problem is not anger, but sin.  The Bible says, “Be  angry  and  do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down  on your anger.”  (Eph. 4:26)     Sinful anger is being against another or something.   We put ourselves in place of God.  It can become a grudge.  Rather than holding it in, hold it up to God. 

God has anger, too.  It’s against  sin.  But, God, in love destroyed sinful anger by His Son Jesus.  He took it to the Cross.  His forgiveness empowers us to limit the place of sinful anger in our lives. When it bursts forth, deal with it quickly in faith, by the power of His forgiveness.   We practice what the Psalmist says of God’s  anger against us,  “His anger is but for a moment, but His favor is for a lifetime..”                   (Psalm 30:5)

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Depressed? There’s Hope

Do you feel sad or lack energy? Are you at times irritable and at other times teary eyed? Do you have difficulty sleeping  and find yourself overeating or without an appetite? Have you thought about ending it all? Do you feel guilty before God?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, you are probably suffering from depression. But take heart. There is hope.

God wants you to be whole. He has created you and redeemed you in Christ so that you can live a full and meaningful life. The God who will raise us up on the last day, will raise you up out of despair.

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No Need To Fear

There are many things to fear in our society. Women and children are killed in their homes. Mergers and company closures make us wonder if our job will be there tomorrow. Maybe that sickness that won’t go away is CANCER or AIDS.

There is much to fear, indeed, but God tells us in the Bible, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God will be with you.”

We can’t stop the sources of fears, but we can let God give us His peace in the midst of them.

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Sitting in the waiting room while a loved one is undergoing surgery is a most trying experience. It tends to change our perspective on life. Little else seems all that important. It doesn”t matter if laundry is washed or bills are paid. In due circumstances, priorities change.

Too often the little things begin to look important:  the house needs painting, there ‘s trouble at the office, how can we be six places at once? Sometimes it takes a time of crisis to slow us down and help us to see what’s important – such things as good health, loved ones and the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father.


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The Still Small Voice

Today, noise is part of daily life. In order to think we must tune out the unnecessary noises that are part of each day …a clanging fire engine roars down the street … an impatient motorist honks his horn … dogs bark, birds chip, grill doors bang, children play. We learn to tune out many of these sounds.

But sometimes we tune out God. We need to listen to God as He speaks to our hearts through His Word. That can be done best when we are quiet … at rest. We worship Him in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

Be still and know that He is your God.

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