Most of us are very busy.

So many demands are made on us that we never get any rest.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But in our busyness, God says to us. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Take time to listen to God.

Through the Bible, God shows his love for us in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus takes our burdens and weariness on himself and gives us a new outlook on life.

And by taking time out to spend with God, you find rest and refreshment for your body, mind and soul.

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To get ahead these days, you have to believe in yourself. Stores are full of books. Colleges offer courses. Business people attend seminars on how to sell one’s self.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are important for a balanced life. But no amount of hype is going to assure us of a really full life. To attain this, we need to look outside ourselves.

Look to God, and to what he’s done for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christ, God offers us forgiveness; a new start that leads to a full, secure and victorious life in Him

He won’t let you down.


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Prayer …..The greatest Gift


It’s a serious operation. Family members have been notified. Some are at your hospital bedside. One-by-one they hold your hand, say a prayer for you, and promise to be waiting for you when the operation is over.

Such closeness is wonderful.

Our Lord, facing his own death by crucifixion spent the greater part of the previous evening praying for His disciples.

Again and again, St. Paul told his readers, “I remember you in my prayers.

This kind of remembering of others in one’s prayers is a convincing proof of faith and love. Jesus, God’s Son, our savior, still prays for us.

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Letting Bygones Be Bygones

“Never fall over what’s behind you.” It’s good advice because we are forever falling over something behind us.

Have you ever heard people excuse their failures because of parents who messes up their live? Or a poor school? .. or a lack of blessing?

We all need to be reminded to avoid letting our past ruin our chances of living life to the fullest now and in the future.

God tells us the same thing. Through His Son, we are forgiven and our past is gone. Since in God’s love He no longer looks at our past sins, we should not be burdened by them either.


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Uncharted Waters

In August 1492, Columbus set sail from Spain, He had a goal: to reach India. He didn’t know that a continent and two oceans lay between his ships and his goal. Each day, we launch into life like Columbus. We have goals, but the future is uncharted waters. Maybe you are worried about this uncharted future. But those who love and trust God know He holds the future in His hands.

Few of Columbus’ theories were correct. But those who look in faith to Jesus Christ know that God often surprises them with the

vastness of His power,

Sweetness of His love,

And comfort of His presence.


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Escape from the Prison of Guilt

The person with a guilty conscience is trapped in a prison.

Every day is dreary and cheer is fleeting

Not even the coming night promises rest.

All would be different if he could find freedom from guilt and face God with a clear conscience.

The great Reformer Martin Luther struggled with the questions: How can I get rid of my guilt? How can I get right with God?”

Luther found the door out of his spiritual prison in the promise of Romans: “The just shall live by faith.”

Placing his trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther experienced freedom. We can too.


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Trusting God for the Small Things

It’s interesting.

We trust God for the big things, like salvation, forgiveness of sins and heaven.

But we sometimes don’t trust Him for the little things, like our bills, hurts, broken relationships and desires. It’s difficult for us to believe He’s just as concerned about our small, passing needs.

God is our Savior, but He’s also our Lord, the Lord of everything in our lives.                                                He is not just the Lord of our future, the Lord of heaven.                                                                                      He is the Lord of our now, the Lord of our life on earth.

Yes, we can trust God for the big things… and the small ones too.

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Jenny is a single parent, with two young children.

After paying the rent, she has little left for the basics. She feels trapped.

Perhaps you can identify with Jenny.

Inflation- you can’t beat it. It affects groceries, clothing, and gasoline, everything… except FORGIVENESS.

The price of forgiveness was paid – once and for all – long ago on a cross. The Bible says, Christ “offered one sacrifice, once and for all, when He offered Himself!”

Forgiveness is paid for. And the care of God shown in Jesus helps you deal with life, no matter what your situation. God wants to walk with you and help you.

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A new day reminds us of the passing of time.

We look back on what has happened and forward to what might happen.

Perhaps we celebrate.  Perhaps we make resolutions.

But do we look back with regret and forward with fear?

Or do we look back with satisfaction and forward with hope?

Time is in God’s hands.

That’s comforting, because they’re good hands!

God is personally concerned about each one of us.

He loves us so much that he allowed his Son, Jesus, to die for us.

Life has its ups and downs.   But God is with us through it all.

That means you can face another day with confidence.


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Have you ever felt let down, or even betrayed, by your friends? It’s a devastating feeling. You’re so totally alone.

Perhaps you even feel God’s turned his back on you…that He has forgotten you.

Even Jesus felt like that…The day he hung there dying on a cross outside Jerusalem.

Where was God on that black Friday?

But God didn’t abandon his son there that day.

He stood by Jesus and raised him to new life again on Easter Day.

Whenever you feel abandoned and betrayed, remember this: God does not ever turn His back on you.

And He offers you new life and hope through Jesus Christ.


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