Well Off

Well Off


By world standards, most of us are pretty well off.  Yet when we go to the store, we usually see one more thing that we just have to have. God’s been very good to us. Yet we often fail to recognize His goodness. Instead, we focus on the extra things we think we need. To bring us back to focus on His goodness, God sent Jesus Christ into our world.

Through Jesus, God shows us that we already have the one thing we had to have: His           forgiveness.Through Jesus, God calls us back to follow him and to thank Him for his goodness.

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The little girl said. “This flower is too pretty to be planted in such dirt.” She pulled it up by the roots and washed it off.

The gardener came along. “You’re killing my prize plant!” he said. I mixed the soil especially for that plant. That’s the best spot for it. Let’s put it back.

Sometimes we feel so down in our trials and difficulties that we think, “If only I could be somewhere else! Then things would be better.”

When we realize that God has planted us in the best place for us to grow and mature, that Christ Jesus has saved us, then we CAN “bloom where we were planted.”

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Cricket In Heaven

Cricket In Heaven

A man asked a preacher if there was cricket in heaven. The preacher didn’t know, so he said he’d have to ask God.  He came back the next day and said: “I’ve got good news and bad new.”  “What’s the good News?’ the man asked. “There definitely is cricket in heaven.” replied the Preacher. “That’s great …. and the bad new?”   “You’re the batsman at 8 am. tomorrow!”

We joke about death a lot. Maybe because we’re uneasy about dying. (The Bible says we were never meant to die.) Death came into the world when people messed up their relationship with God. But God has a solution. In His Son, Jesus, He offers life beyond the grave.

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Restoring Love

Restoring Love

Driving along the Boulevard in Kingston, I came upon a  brightly painted van. On the side were the words in colourful letters: LOVE BUS. Trouble was, the LOVE BUS had broken.

 Like the bus, LOVE itself does break down at times.                                                                 Doesn’t it?

 Jesus teaches those who follow Him to love as He has loved … freely, sacrificially, continually. But love breaks down when we give in to selfishness and sin. What puts love back together? This: “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Jesus DOES forgive our broken down love when we come to Him with repentant hearts. He restores us and renews His Spirit to show love through us to others.

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Zapped of Energy

Zapped of Energy

Do you sometimes feel down and zapped of energy….as though you just can’t go on?                      At such times people look for quick recharges.

Others feel discarded …like old batteries.

This might be the place where you would expect us to offer this or that product to give you energy, but the truth is no earthy remedy will give you lasting results or change.

But when you’re down, God can recharge you.  He offers new and long-lasting life.                        And he guarantees it-through Jesus Christ   Trust him. He’ll put new power in your life.

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God’s Not Disconnected

God’s Not Disconnected


“THIS IS A TELECOMMUNICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENT! The number you have dialed has been disconnected.  Thank you.”

Sometimes it’s just that we’ve dialed the wrong number. But sometimes the number we dialed has been cut off. That’s frustrating!

For too many people, God is like a phone that has been disconnected…misfortune…shattered dreams…futile attempts to find meanings in life. All these can lead people to think God doesn’t exist.

But God exists. He’s not a disconnected number. He comes to meet us in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our connection to God. And knowledge of Jesus is yours through the Bible.

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Most of us are very busy.

So many demands are made on us that we never get any rest.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But in our busyness, God says to us. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Take time to listen to God.

Through the Bible, God shows his love for us in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus takes our burdens and weariness on himself and gives us a new outlook on life.

And by taking time out to spend with God, you find rest and refreshment for your body, mind and soul.

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